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Entlebucher Mountain Dog Breeders

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Entlebucher Mountain Dog Breeders

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Looking Back...

Sandpiper Kennels was originally established in 1969 in Malibu, California by Bob and Sondra Jordan who had first met at a dog show in the 1950's.  When they opened Sandpiper, Bob was an accomplished professional dog handler specializing in terriers.  

Bob retired from dog handling in the 80's; and he and Sondra focused their attention on the pet boarding and grooming side of the business. Sondra also bred Brussels Griffons, which is not for the weak at heart! They retired and sold the kennel in 1998.

Flash forward to 2007 when their daughter Melissa and her husband Jeff discovered the Entlebucher Mountain Dog.  In a nod to Bob and Sondra, Melissa and Jeff decided to carry on the Sandpiper name.  

Moving Forward...

Sandpiper Entlebuchers is located in San Clemente, a Southern California coastal town just north of San Diego. Sandpiper Entlebuchers was established out of our simple realization of what all around amazing dogs Entles are. The intelligence and train-ability is something that is said about many dogs; but it's really true in Entlebuchers. Then there's the incredible devotion, aim to please, drive and pure sweetness that has won us over for life. 

We discovered the breed accidently as we were initially interested in Bernese Mountain Dogs but didn't want such a big dog. We ended up at a park in San Diego at a NEMDA club meeting for Entlebuchers and met Jan Vincent of Adhem Kennels. We visited with Jan and her dogs and, while we loved the handsome beauty of the dogs, we liked their level temperaments and were impressed with everything Jan and the club were doing to ensure the integrity of the breed.  Jan's travels to Europe and the club's work to have top experts evaluate the breed and identify goals for the breed spoke volumes to us.  Two years later, we traveled to Jan's house in Utah and brought our Trudy girl home. 

In raising Trudy, we did what Jan told us.  We were firm and consistent with our discipline of our solid, cuddly pup. We made sure to have her meet and be handled by as many strangers and friends as possible.  Trudy was a breeze to house break and loved the structure of obedience and good manner training.  If it's not too hot, Trudy goes along with us on hikes, to the beach and will hop in the car any chance she gets. Trudy is a house dog who has no idea that no other dog of ours was ever allowed on the couch before her. Yes, she's a diva but knows how to behave when company comes over.  

We are happy to be able to breed Trudy and have her qualities carried on. In taking responsibility for advancing and protecting the breed, our breeding philosophy is that a great temperament is essential; and, equally important, we want to ensure that the highest standards in conformation, intelligence and sound health are preserved.  Our puppies are born, loved and socialized in our home so that they will be ready for their forever homes as pets, service or show dogs; but first and foremost, treasured family members.  

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